Heat Exchangers

Especially at high pressures, parallel to the reduction of the gas pressure, the gas expansion occurs and this causes the gas temperature to drop. The rapid fall in gas temperature can cause icing and frost in stations especially on remote controls in the mouths of regulators.


In order to prevent this situation, the gas temperature before reducing gas pressure and the gas temperature after reducing gas pressure, should be kept above condensation point.


Heat Exchangers are made according to ASME Code VIII Div. 1 standards, in line with the demands of the customers. All the basic materials have got steel Works attenstations and the main heat exchanger components have got stamped material type and heat number.


One of the most commonly used method of heating Heat Exchangers is hot water. But the other method that is used alternatively by the customer on request or if required is saturated steam. With the saturated steam method, the required surface area of the heat exchanger can be reduced.